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DISCOUNT CODE & Review: RIPT90 FIT Arms & Shoulders by X-Train Fit

X-Train Fit has done it again - presenting RIPT90 FIT! This is a complete 90 day system incorporating resistance interval plyometric training, so you really get the most out of each workout. RIPT90 FIT includes 12 workouts on 12 DVDs and a BONUS Stretch workout on its own DVD, a complete training guide, a complete meal guide with recipes, a 90 day tracker, and a rotation calendar poster. The system is designed to provide maximum results in 30 minutes or less per day! Led by Jody Hendrix, RIPT90 FIT is designed to help you avoid plateaus and takes RIPT 90 to a whole new intensity! These are all new workouts that are more intense than RIPT90 but just as awesome! Read all of my RIPT90 FIT Reviews on the blog. 

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Jody Hendrix, 2017

Jody leads this 28 min arms & shoulder strength workout with 3 backgrounders in a gym set. You will need a pull up bar, dumbbells, and an optional PVC pipe or broom (used for the warm up only) for this routine. There is an onscreen timer so you know where you are at in the workout.  

After a warm up, you do 2 rounds of exercises and conclude with a burner circuit of 2 exercises repeated 3 times. Exercises include reverse grip chi-ups, overhead press, kickbacks, hammer curls, upright rows, overhead tri drops, clean & press and single arm over head tri drop. You do about 10 reps per exercise and can heavy up pretty nicely at this pace. Jody gives you about 30 seconds rest between circuits. 

I rate this a s high intermediate following the group. You can easily modify this up or down by adjusting your poundage, using assistance bands for the pull ups or subbing out the pull-ups. They do not show non-pull-up alternatives and encourage you to get a pull-up bar, but you can easily sub in rows or other back work if you dont have a pull-up bar. I used resistance tubing instead of the PVC pipe in the warm up and found this to be a great alternative. This is a solid upper body workout that accomplishes a lot in under 30 minutes. I received this DVD to review. 

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