Friday, September 29, 2017

ActivMotion Bar’s New IGNITE 60-Day Program 10 Minute Plank Kicker Workout Review

I am super excited about the new innovative ActivMotion Bar’s new IGNITE 60-day program. The ActivMotion Bar is a hollow body bar with rolling weights inside designed by Derek Mikulski, CSCS. The bar engages unique muscle activation and enhances the calorie burning benefits of your workouts! The 60 Day Ignite program includes 15 online workouts that blend cardio, strength, core work, and flexibility plus anti-aging balance work. Work your muscles in a whole new way with one piece of equipment and have fun while you are working out. The bars are available in multiple weights so you choose which bar is right for you. Keep reading to learn more about this fun and effective new program and stay tuned on the blog for detailed reviews of the new IGNITE workouts. 

ActivMotion IGNITE Kicker: 10 Minute Plank 

You will only need your ActivMotion bar for this 10 minute plank routine. Derek works out alone in this one and does offer modifications, though the goal is to stay in plank/ plank variations for the entire 10 minutes.

This routine includes  high & low plank, lateral plank walks & knee pulls, side plank, dolphin dives, side plank holding the bar & bar arcs, plank kick throughs, plank to pike, single arm & leg plank, and plank rotations holding the bar. 

This is an advanced workout-while it is only 10 min log-you are holding plank & plank variations for the full 10 minutes. The goal is to not drop your knees at any time for the entire workout. Derek does offer modifications and you can easily drop to your knees as needed to modify this routine. The bar is only used for a few exercises in this one. I received access to this routine to review. 

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