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IdealFit 6 Week Challenge: Week Six Workout Reviews

The 15 day challenge meal plan and workouts are free! I started there, loved it so much I purchased their 6 Week Fit Body Challenge, and then the Sculpt Challenge.  The 6 Week Fit Body Challenge bundle now comes with the workout DVDs! The meal plans give you exactly the amounts of carbs, proteins, and fats based on when you workout. Their protein powder contains no carbs, no sugar, and is only 80 calories. Each day you get SIX meals!!! So you get to eat every few hours and you get unlimited veggies from a list. Tons of variety in eating, a food sub list, and unlimited veggies! Here is my affiliate link (click the challenges link in the toolbar) that save you 10% on your order (over $20) and I believe I also save 10% on my next order. Stay tuned on the blog for detailed reviews of all the workouts. 

Lindsey Matthews

This DVD set contains 6 weeks of workouts on 6 DVDs. Each week has 6 workouts; each weeks workouts are on its own disc. The workouts are set up to be done in their chronological order each week and contain cardio, strength, and core workout! You will need to add on your own warm up & cool down, though the paper workouts detail a warm up & cool down routine. Each workout is right around 25 minutes. You will need dumbbells and a stability ball for these routines.

W6W1 Quads & Shoulders: This routine also contains cardio. Exercises include sumo squats with front raise & upright rows, lunge & lat raise, static lunge & upper back fly, squat pulse & overhead press, plank jacks to jacks, pike pushups, plank hop ins, side plnaks, squat jumps, jacks, a 90 second rest & repeat each circuit.

6W2 Chest, Back, & Core: This routine also includes some cardio. Exercises include row, plank hold, plank shoulder taps, wide pushups, pushups, tricep pushups, pec fly on the ball, bicycle crunch variations, jacks, butt kicks, a 90 second rest & repeat circuit. 

W6W3 Legs: 
Exercises include deadlift & floor tap, prone hammer curls, ball pull ins, balance stick series, jacks & plyo lunges, single leg squats, donkey side kicks, glute raises lying over the ball, leaps, buttkicks, jacks, a 90 second rest & repeat & circuit.

W6W4 Tris, Bis & Core: This routine also contains cardio. Exercises include 1 arm tri work, tri pushups, skull crushers, skater, tire run, skater floor touch, 21's, bicep pushouts, bicep curl rotations, crunches, burpee, double leg drop reverse crunch, knee pullins, a 90 second rest & repeat each circuit.

W6W5  Shoulders, Chest, Back, & Core: This routine also includes some cardio. Exercises include row to lat raise, pec fly & reverse crunches, lat raise, shoulder press, Mt. climber to side plank, reverse grip chest press, pushup to down dog, pike pushups, 45* rows, Mt. climber to plank, a 90 second rest between circuits. 

W6W6: Lower Body: This routine also includes cardio. Exercises include standing leg extensions, stationary lunges, weighted wall sit, pop squats & pulse squat ladder, around the world lunges, ssquat & squat hold, dips, squat jump & squat pulse ladder, a 90 second rest and repeat circuits. 

This weeks routines are higher intermediate workouts, though the poundage you use will determine how challenging your workouts are. I like that these routines really do accomplish a lot in under 30 minutes and all include strength & cardio. The pace is moderate and allows for moderately heavy weights. I did NOT receive this dvd to review. 

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