Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Mother's Day Gift Idea: Herbal Element Teas with Holistic Ingredients to Soothe, De-Stress, & Hormone Balance

With Mother’s Day just around the corner Herbal Element's loose leaf teas are a great choice to pamper mom this year. The brainchild of a nutritionist and personal trainer -- these teas target ailments like stress, anxiety, soothe sensitive stomachs and can even correct hormone imbalances with its holistic ingredients. This is a great gift for all moms out there. Perfect for peaceful nights at home or jetsetters on the go, each original herbal fusion is carefully constructed as an extension of the intuitive creatures that we are. Keep reading to learn more.

The teas will provide Mom with the tranquility she deserves, put a smile on her face and help say thank you for who she is — and all she does. Each order also comes with an enlightening spirit animal tarot card.

These loose-leaf teas came out of a passion for what mother nature is capable of, and how powerful our own bodies are. These teas are an extension of the intuitive wonderful creatures that we are. A mix of fire, earth, air, and water, each blend is uniquely made with a passion to grow the understanding that Nature has all we will ever need.

Anxiety Release: This tea calms the racing mind, slows a high heart rate and teaches us to slow down and enjoy the quiet moments in life. This one of a kind blend combines the uplifting and warming notes of rooibos and orange with the calming and grounding components of catnip, lavender, and chamomile.

Hormone Balance: Created by women who know first hand, the Hormone Balance blend is for those struggling with low progesterone, high testosterone, and PCOS. This tea is a powerful herbal remedy meant to gently support the endocrine system. The most unique of all the teas, its flowers, berries, shapes, and colors are a reminder of how wonderful and intricate our bodies are.

Tummy Tonic: Created for sensitive stomachs, this soothing blend is perfect for a quick relief from cramps and pains (thanks to the peppermint and ginger) and contains powerful ingredients like marshmallow root, known to support gut function. Perfect for after meals or when cramping occurs.

Golden Sunrise (contains caffeine): This intoxicating fusion pairs the powerful anti-inflammatory root turmeric and Yerba mate for a non-stimulating energy kick. Adding in notes of chai spice and cinnamon, this blend was made to bring a ray of sunshine right into your daily pick-me-up.

Herbal Coffee (caffeine free): For those who love the rich taste of coffee but steer clear of caffeine. Instantly dark, rich, and brown, this tea is aromatic, slightly bitter, and strong. Drink it black or pair it with a touch of honey sweetness or a splash of full-fat coconut milk. In 8-10 minutes you will have a caffeine-free, adaptogenic blend of chicory, ashwagandha, and roots that will uplift you without making you crash and burn.

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