Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Bo Yoga Basics Class - Intermediate Level Workout Review

If you are like so many out there, you are interested in yoga but maybe dont know where to start. BO YOGA exists to make mindful movement accessible to all people. Bo Yoga is ready to tackle this goal and provides yoga routines that are perfect for both women & men and Bo Yoga has a revolutionary new yoga balance bar that allows you to feel safe and supported in your practice. Bo Yoga routines are not the normal Vinyasa classes, that you may have tried in the past that probably included significant weight bearing on your wrists and hands, lots of trips up and down from the floor, fast paced group movements and rapid, complicated instructions. These routines include yoga, Tai Chi & mindful movement and are perfect for participants of all ages & fitness levels. Keep reading to learn more & stay tuned on the blog for detailed reviews of their workouts. 
Bo Yoga Basics Class - Intermediate Level
Nate Guadagni 

Nate leads this routine
with 2 backgrounders, all showing a different intensity option. This workout also contains a tutorial on choosing the right size balance bar. This routine is 60 minutes & you will only need your balance bar.

After an active warm up, you move into various standing yoga poses using the bar  for balance & stability and also as a fun cardio prop. Exercises include upper body stretches using the bar, knee pulls using the bar as an upper body prop, hip circles for mobility using the bar for balance, standing leg circles, calf raises, using the bar for foot massage/ stretch, and seated or lying meditation. 

This is an intermediate yoga routine that is really appropriate for all fitness levels and is a the perfect next step after mastering the beginner routine. These are unique routines and include a lot of exercise minutes. Great for a thorough yoga workout or break it up for days when you are short on time. Nate is an excellent instructor & I really like using the bar to assist with balance. Each routine comes complete with a thorough exercise guide detailing the exercises. 
I received access to this routine to review. 

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