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Interview with Pilates Professional Lesley Logan

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to interview Lesley Logan! Lesley teaches pilates on PilatesAnytime.com and LesleyLoganPilates.com. Lesley is a PMA Certified Pilates Teacher and has been studying and teaching Joseph Pilates Classical Method since 2005 and 2008 respectively. She also has eight years of retail management experience, and six years managing studios regionally for Equinox fitness clubs. Check out our interview below.

Lindsey: Please tell us about your background in the fitness industry? What motivated you to make a career of fitness?
Lesley: I was raised doing sports and towards the end of my athletic journey I was a long distance runner. But, after gaining the freshman 20+ I found that running wasn’t cutting it anymore. I was going to the gym and trying out different things and was talked into becoming a personal trainer. I even took a weekend course. But, before I took a job as a personal trainer a friend asked me to take a Pilates class. I thought it was a infomercial workout and didn’t really put a lot of thought into it but went with her to the class anyways. I was in LOVE before the class was half over. I quickly changed my workout schedule so I could go to a mat Pilates class everyday. But, then when I moved to Los Angeles I struggled to find classes that I could attend as often as I had in the past and with instructors that inspired me like my first ones had. Eventually I met a woman who encouraged me to go through a training. Thinking I would just teach to help pay for my Pilates obsession I went through the training and planned a life where I continued to work in high end accessories and then teach Pilates on the side. That idea lasted all of a week or two before I was so busy teaching I had to make the choice. So, in the midst of the recession I gave up my salary, commission, vacation time and health benefits for the life of a Pilates instructor.

Lindsey: I am loving your online pilates classes on PilatesAnytime.com and I see you do skype &
online classes on your website LesleyLoganPilates.com. Tell us why you decided to teach online pilates courses? 
Lesley: I absolutely love teaching for PilatesAnytime.com they are the most amazing people to work with and I am honored to be a teacher for them. I started teaching on Skype after I started teaching retreats around the world and my guests were wanting sessions with me. And, now teaching on Skype allows me to travel and teach all over the world and not miss teaching most of my clients. It also means that people who don’t live in Los Angeles can have sessions with me. I’m so thankful for technology. My weekly online mat classes were inspired by the fact that I had to make a choice one day to give up my public group classes. I wanted to have a way for my mat students, some of almost 10 years, to be able to take mat with me even though I wasn’t in a studio anymore. So, I launched a weekly class system that was similar to going to the gym, you didn’t know what the class was going to be except that it was with me but I also wanted to have a little accountability to it like my scheduled classes did. So, the class goes live at 2pm and disappears a week later at 2pm. This way you still have to make time to go to class but you don’t have to fight traffic, look for parking or pay around $22/class to take. Between my classes on PilatesAnytime.com, my weekly classes and my Skype lessons I can teach anyone who wants to learn from me and at any price point that works for their budget! My classes are $5/week, PilatesAnytime.com $18/month and online private Skype sessions are between $95-$105.

Lindsey: Teaching pilates courses must be so rewarding! What is the most rewarding part of your career?
Lesley: OMG! So many rewarding moments teaching Pilates! And, teaching courses to people who want to know more about Pilates allows me to help them understand one topic or theme at a time. And, watching the a-ha moments literally happen is the best part! When things just start to make sense. I love being part of that.

Lindsey: You lead pilates retreats around the world-this sounds amazing! What can you tell us about these retreats?
Lesley: In 2012 I traveled alone to Rio de Janiero, Brazil and people thought I was crazy. Maybe I was a little. But, I was tired of waiting for a travel partner. I wanted to see this beautiful world. Fast forward to my honeymoon when my husband and I landed in Siem Reap, Cambodia and I was just in heaven! I realized I could combine my love for travel and my love for Pilates and offer retreats. My retreats would allow single travelers and couples to explore the world but without having to do much more than book their flight! My single travelers feel safe because they won’t really be alone once they get there. Everyone on the retreat has two things in common, they love Pilates and they want to travel. So, they get to form new friendships and relationships!

My retreats offer daily mat classes, Pilates workshops to help you take what you learn with you when you go, adventures and tours, fabulous food that accommodates all diets and memories to last a lifetime!!! I cannot wait to go on my Maui retreat this August and then in November we are back in Siem Reap, Cambodia. I will also be doing Siem Reap, Cambodia in February next year. This year we still have a spot left at my Retreat home (yes, mine!) and a couple spots for those staying at a hotel down the street 11/4-11/9 and then in February I’ll run 2 back to back 2/3-2/8 and 2/10-2/15.
November linkhttps://lesleyloganpilates.com/product/pilates-in-angkor-nov-4-9-2018/
Video of a past retreat: https://youtu.be/Jcj3zWlbd-w

Lindsey: What does your typical weekly fitness routine look like?
Lesley: I practice what I preach and teach! I do Pilates at least 4 days a week, sometimes 5. If I do the Mat it’s only about 30 min but if I do the equipment it’s about an hour. I also have a dog who loves to be outside so to help my husband sleep in I take him for a run 3-4 days a week about 3.25 miles. I round all this out with a session with my trainer and two yoga classes. 

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