Friday, November 9, 2018

Body FX Presents Figure 8 Fitness: 8 Weeks to Flat Abs! The Ultimate Workout For a Fit, Toned & Healthy You

From the makers of JNL Fusion, Body FX presents Figure 8 Fitness: Dynamic Core Training Through Dance. Figure 8 Fitness Basic Collection and Figure 8 Fitness Ultimate Collection are both great for BEGINNERS through ADVANCED exercisers! All levels can experience an effective CORE workout using the simple Figure 8 method of CORE training. If you are looking for a fun and effective way to train your core- these are the workouts for you. Easy to follow and core focused cardio that will have you slimmed down & toned up in no time. Stay tuned on the blog for detailed reviews of all of the Figure 8 Fitness workouts. Available on DVD or download. Keep reading to learn more about these amazing workouts. 

The system comes with 14 video coaching & workout sessions, a success tracker & workout journal, a fitness guide and a detailed nutrition guide. Everything you need to succeed. The system is broken down into three phases: Learn, Burn, & Sculpt. 

In this phase you will learn the 3 essential core movements that are the foundation of the entire system. Jaana shows you how to properly work every part of your core in a safe & effective way.

Jaana walks you through core cardio workouts that will keep your heart rate in the cardio zone all while working your core at every angle. 

This final phase focuses on sculpting the rest of your body. These workouts will hit your arms, back, shoulders, legs & glutes without dumbbells to create a strong & toned body. 

Figure 8 Fitness uses your body's natural fluid movement patterns to tighten all the muscles around your core, without boring cardio or traditional sit-ups and crunches. Figure 8 is a simple, yet carefully designed body-sculpting system that allows for fun & super effective core & cardio workouts in the privacy of your won without even getting on the floor.

Your core muscles are designed to move in multiple “dimensions" and that means doing bunches of boring crunches isnt going to give you that toned midriff you want. Your core needs trained in three planes, forward and backward, side-to-side, and rotational. Figure 8 focuses on fluid movement patterns that train all the muscles in your core region in every plane, working all your core muscles; Transverse Abdominis, Rectus Abdominis, Internal Oblique, External Oblique and your back.

Figure 8 combines simple steps with intense Core Cardio, allowing both beginners and advanced dancers to experience the body slimming moves of a professional dancer! In one session, the participants get their abs toned by performing hundreds of standing core crunches to a variety of exhilarating rhythms and dynamic tempos! 

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