Friday, October 23, 2009

10.23.09: Today's Workout & Almost Finished Blanket

Ok only 1 lb over normal. I would really like to start the holiday season at a deficit though....Next week I will be doing the original Barrys Bootcamp Academy series along w/ a VF check-in buddy. I say along w/ but I just mean we will both be doing it next week. She lives in NJ, so unfortunately we wont actually be working out together. These are some TOUGH w/o's!!!! Hoping to have some success w/ them next week :)

Today's Workout:
-Results 10 Days LB
-Jiggle Free Buns
*total w/o time-60 min + stretch

I am about 99% done w/ Buddy's blanket! It ended up HUGE (too big probably). I put a trim on almost all of it after I took this picture. I normally put a cute ruffle around the edges of these blankets but 1) its for a boy and 2) due to the size of this blanket (I hope) Buddy will continue to use it for a few year so I dont think he would appreciate a ruffle as a 3 year old toddler LOL. The trim is a darker green. I will post a finished pic of it in the near future...

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