Wednesday, December 16, 2009

12.16.09: VF Secret Santa, More Jibjab, Workout, and TIP

Videofitness Secret Santa Gift Exchange:

Every year does a secret santa gift exchange. Its always great fun! This is the third year I have participated. This year I got the cutest handmade card from my santas daughters. I forgot to take a picture of it, but its precious! Her daughters also helped her pick out the most PERFECT gifts for me!!! I got Hello Kitty playing cards, Hello Kitty jelly belly's (fat free, you know! and we had these at our wedding), and a Bath & Body Works set of holiday lotions: vanilla fig, vanilla bean noel, and candy apple.
Then they also got me the cutest Hallmark ornament. Which of course goes w/ my collection :), a neat book: Hidden Kitchens, and Jackie Warners new dvd.

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE all my gifts!!! Thank you to my secret santa and her lovely thoughtful daughters :) I think its so cool that she got her little ones in on the fun! I will definately do the exchange again next year.

Today's Workout:
-Firm Complete Aerobics & Weight Training
*total w/o time 60 min + stretch
This is a good one! It also contains a great Firm line "Gettin' down with the Fanny Lifter" lol.

Today's Tip: (is back!) I don't even remember where I found this. Its a list of 10 healthy foods, so I'm gonna list one each day. Today- Turkey breast
Turkey breast is the star of most Thanksgiving dinners, but there's good reason to enjoy it all year long. A 4-ounce serving of skinless meat will cost you only 130 calories and 0.5 grams of fat but contains 28 grams of protein, as well as more than a third of your day's need for niacin (the vitamin that aids in digestion) and vitamin B6 (which helps produce infection-fighting antibodies). Gobble it up!


  1. I have been reading the Thank you Santa thread at VF. I am so impressed and absolutely going to sign up next year.

    I will say too that that community is SO generous. I have picked up a few DVD/VHS's from the share the wealth thread, and I mentioned on a check-in challenge that I wanted Cathe's Slow and Heavy. Deb had it, hated it, and is sending it to me--free. I just about fell out of my chair. I have never seen a more generous online community!

    After I pay bills, I will hopefully have enough money to do the one-year donation to VF. I hope someday to have something (DVDs) to give back as well.

    I didn't know turkey breast had so much niacin. Niacin is also fantastic for controlling blood lipids.

  2. I was surprised to find out that even dark meat turkey was really low in fat! I love turkey, should be eating it more often apparently :)

    You should def participate in the VF SS next year, its such a blast and you are right VF is THE MOST generous online community I have come across! I have also been offered random dvd/ vhs from others. LOVE VF :)