Thursday, December 17, 2009

12.17.09: Workout and Christmas Gifts!

Today's Workout:
-Firm Dangerous Curves Ahead (core cardio premix)
-Firm Cardio Inferno
-Sweatin to the Oldies (8 minutes)
*total w/o time 60 min + stretch

I LOVE the core cardio mix on Dangerous Curves! I hope the Firm continues that trend. Core cardio w/o's make nice little add-ons! And Cardio Inferno is a good one-Sue Mi leads it. She was with the Firm for a very long time. She's a background exerciser in some of the old BBH leotard & legwarmer Firms. Her and Janet Brooks both "left" the Firm abruptly last year? Janet had also been with the Firm since the ealry days. Strange. Janet was REALLY active on the Firm boards. I think they were asked to leave; Janet always said she would be with the Firm for life. So, it just seemed odd that a) they both "left" at the exact same time, b) they didn't "say goodbye" on the boards, and c) the Firm never really gave a good reason why they were both gone....

I got a few presents in the mail in the past few days! I got from the Shiwa's (my Japanese family) the CUTEST santa kaiten sushi card! I LOVED going to sushi-go-round! It was awesome-you sit around the conveyor belt and just grab which plates you want, eat them, and then the waitress counts your plates at the end and charges accordingly. YUM....they also got me this cute cat frame :) I will probably bring it to work...

Some yummmmy Japanese chocolates and a pink hello kitty key holder. I put it in the car. They also got Jay a key holder (thats Japanese for key chain) and the coolest Ichiro postcard, stamp gift book thingy from the post office. Its super cool! Forgot to get a picture of it...

And, from my good friend Miki: a cool hello kitty "girly" pack. It has hello kitty bandaids, Q-tips, and oil sheets for your face. Some cool multi-purpose HK bags.

Some cute fun hair tyes (Im wearing the blue flower today), and a pink hello kitty handkerchief. Japanese people carry handkerchiefs a lot-I did while I was there. There isnt always paper towells in public bathrooms so they come in handy. Also, its SUPER hot and humid there and people walk/ bike alot and there isnt always AC. At least where I lived-"inaka" which means "countryside" or something slightly more hillbilly-ish. Anyways, I have a huge bag of handkerchiefs now that I dont know what to do w/?? Many were gifts and Im sure werent cheap. I want to make a blanket out of them but havent gotten around to it. They are all different shapes and sizes so Im not sure how it would turn out?

And here is my first plate of Christmas goodies. Made them for the Schwan man, who comes tonight. I made chocolates and chocolate "lollipops" these ones are ugly. I will try harder on the next batch (they taste the same ugly or pretty!). I added walnuts to some, pretzel pieces, raisins, or candy cane pieces to some. I also made cake balls with chocolate cake and peanut butter filling-YUM.
Today's Tip: Wheat germ-(I used to eat WG a lot, havent in a while. Better add it to my shopping list)
Wheat germ may not be a staple on your shopping list, but you may change your mind about this health food once you hear just how healthy it is: It's loaded with minerals like selenium (it charges up your immunity), magnesium (which helps your muscles function), manganese (aids in bone growth) and zinc (key for tissue growth and repair). Sprinkle it on yogurt, cottage cheese, cold cereal or oatmeal. You can also mix it with bread crumbs and use the blend to coat chicken or fish before baking.

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