Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Workouts: I got in 6 w/o's last week! Good job me. This week I should be able to get in 5, so thats pretty good.

Today's Workout:
-The Firm Total Body Shaping Mix
*total w/o time 60 min + stretch

Today's Review: The Firm Total Body Shaping Mix
Nancy Tucker, Tracie Long, Pam Meriwether, Heidi Tanner, Jen Carman, Carissa Foster, Dale Brabham, Allie Del Rio, 2003 ***** (5 of 5 stars)

This is a 71 minute mostly strength parts w/o. Tracie leads a good portion of this and some of the others have only 1 or 2 segments. This is complied from Cardio, Strength, Super Cardio, Super Strength, Maximum Body Sculpting, Basic Sculpting with Weights, and Fat Blaster (I think thats all of them). You will need a tall box, dumbbells, and ankle weights for this w/o.

While this is mostly strength there are a few good cardio segments and a lot of the strength work will really get your HR up. There are also a couple of 4 limb segments. Most of the work is done standing but there is a nice lying inner thigh section, some table work, and 2 ab sections on the floor. They really do a great job of hitting every muslce including the heart in this one.

The work includes: a good number of leg presses, dips, lunges, overhead press, bicep work, tricep work, and a lot of the other typical Firm fare. The cardio is all straight forward and easy to catch onto. The sequencing in this compelition is great.

I would rate this a high intermediate w/o. Like I said it really packs a punch! The pace is nice and allows you to heavy up. I always seem to forget about this w/o and it never stands out to me-probably because its a real hodge-podge parts vid- not from just 2 w/o's or the classics, etc. But I really enjoy it and need to do it more often. A great way to spend your w/o hour!

Today's Tip: Foods That May Only Sound Healthy #7 - Foods Labeled "Fat-Free"

Fat-free does NOT mean calorie-free. Just because a food contains no fat, that doesn't make it a health food. (Think gummy bears.) Of course, there are many very healthful fat-free foods (like most fruits and vegetables), but always check the nutrition labels when buying packaged foods to be sure you're getting a nutritious product and not just one that's fat-free. Calories, sodium, fiber, and vitamins and minerals are all aspects you should consider in addition to fat. More on Cooking Light here.

LOLz: Ok I figured out the issue w/ blogger- for whatever reason I have to upload all my pics at once now? So I forgot to upload the LOLz. They will be back tomorrow!

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  1. I hate traffic because of construction :( It has been a real PITA coming home from AC when 3 lanes merge into one. Almost prefer coming home in rain so the construction isn't a problem. Too bad y'all didn't delay your trip till after the new bridge was completed!

  2. OMGosh had we known, we would have stayed one more day! I cant believe the bridge opened the very next day! LOL, what bad timing.