Monday, November 8, 2010

11.8.10: Busy Weekend!

Friday: Friday we went to the drum circle thing w/ some friends & had dinner with them. Remembered to bring my camera and it was dead....Bringing is only 1/2 the battle....

Saturday: Went with a friend to pick out my bridesmaid dress for her upcoming wedding. Found one, good style, right color, great price!

Sunday: We went to a Cajun Cookoff thing. $25 gets you all the tastings you want and unlimited soda & water. Do I even have to say I overinduldged? It was So yummmmy though & totally worth it! There was a ton of stuff to do. They had facepainting, mad hatter hat-making, balloon animals, live music, and of course FOOD. I made a hat w/ the kids (friends kids). Check it out! It also had cool ribbon streamers hanging from the back. Super stylish...

Today's Bargains: bonus entries for entering both!!
-Enter to win my Natural Journeys Ultra Fat Burning Workout here
-Enter to win my Advanced Workouts DVDs giveaway for Gin Millers Simply Circuit here.

Saturday: Rest Day!

Sunday's Workout:
-Firm Express Cardio
-Firm Core Solutions
*total w/o time 40 min + stretch

Monday's Workout:
-Firm Complete Body Sculpting
-Hit The Spot Pilates (hips)
*total w/o time 60 min + stretch

And Im supposed to be going to a Latin Groove (or something like that) class at the gym w/ a neighbor tonight. Wish me luck, I can.not dance...

Today's Tip: Organic Meat & Poultry
Arecent study compared the nutritional content of organic and nonorganic chicken meat. The researchers found that the organic samples contained 28% more omega-3s, essential fatty acids that are linked to reduced rates of heart disease, depression, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, inflammation, and Alzheimer's disease. Animals raised organically can't be given antibiotics, growth hormones, or feed made from animal by-products (which can transmit mad cow disease). More on Prevention here.

Today's LOLz:

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