Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Fitness Favorites Presents: The FIRM: Total Body Shaping Mix

Fitness Favorites presents  some all time favorite one of a kind must have Firm workouts!!! Stay tuned for plenty of fab Fitness Favorite dvd reviews and keep reading for a detailed review of The FIRM: Totaly Body Shaping Mix, originally released in 1999 and now digitally remastered from Fitness Favorites. Be sure to check the all new Firm workout calendar on Fitness Favorites now.

The Firm: Total Body Shaping Mix
Nancy Tucker, Tracie Long, Pam Meriwether, Heidi Tanner, Jen Carman, Carissa Foster, Dale Brabham, Allie Del Rio, 2013 ***** (5 of 5 stars)

This is a 71 minute mostly strength parts w/o. Tracie leads a good portion of this and some of the others have only 1 or 2 segments. This is complied from Cardio, Strength, Super Cardio, Super Strength, Maximum Body Sculpting, Basic Sculpting with Weights, and Fat Blaster (I think thats all of them). You will need a tall box, dumbbells, and ankle weights for this w/o.

While this is mostly strength there are a few good cardio segments and a lot of the strength work will really get your HR up. There are also a couple of 4 limb segments. Most of the work is done standing but there is a nice lying inner thigh section, some table work, and 2 ab sections on the floor. They really do a great job of hitting every muslce including the heart in this one.

The work includes: a good number of leg presses, dips, lunges, overhead press, bicep work, tricep work, and a lot of the other Firm fare. The cardio is all straight forward and easy to catch onto. The sequencing in this compelition is great.

I would rate this a high intermediate w/o. Like I said it really packs a punch! The pace is nice and allows you to heavy up. As with all FIRM instructors, they all do an awesome job. A great way to spend your w/o hour! I received this dvd to review.

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