Friday, June 14, 2013

Fitness Favorites Presents: The FIRM: Super Cardio

Fitness Favorites presents  some all time favorite one of a kind must have Firm workouts!!! Stay tuned for plenty of fab Fitness Favorite dvd reviews and keep reading for a detailed review of The FIRM: Super Cardio originally released in 1999, now with digitally remastered footage! Be sure to check the all new Firm workout calendar on Fitness Favorites now.

The FIRM: Super Cardio
Dale Brabham, Jen Carmen, Carissa Foster, Allie Strickland, 2013

This is a 63 minute ALL cardio workout by the Firm. The set is the old Firm set with a lot of background exercisers. All four leads have their own little segments-about 15 minutes each. The dvd is well chaptered so you can fast forward to skip segments if you choose. This is all original footage! The last segment everyone is wearing different outfits but it isnt a parts video. For this dvd you will need a weighted ball (I uses a 5# ball), a set of light dumbells, and a step or short box.

This is actually 60 minutes of straight cardio! No barbell work, no ab work, no sculpting! Some of the sections are more challenging than others but really, in 60 minutes of cardio you are going to burn some calories and work up a nice sweat! I really really enjoy this w/o! The music is super upbeat and motivating and 

The cardio work includes: step aerobics, 4 limb work, high impact floor cardio, low impact floor cardio, and cardio with the ball. Jens section is the best IMO, super fun and great combos. But hers is at the end and by that point Im usually a bit tired out. I would prefer hers at the beginning so I could truely enjoy it!

I would rate this a higher intermediate, its 60 minutes of nonstop cardio! All of the leads do an excellent job-their cueing is spot on and they all have a good energy about them in this one that really makes you want to keep moving. This is a must have for all Firmees IMO! lots of fun cario variety. I received this dvd to review. 

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