Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Moodlites: Light Up Your Life and Your Mood Naturally!

The perfect gift this holiday season is Moodlites, a unique wellness products made at the Mood-Factory these fantastic bulbs are based on research about how sensory experiences influence moods. Experts in the field of Aroma-chology, colors, psychology, nutrition, and more were used to develop this exclusive line of products. Mood-lites are the primary product category, and the focus is on the sense of sight and color, and are all available in the following Moods: Sassy, Tranquility, Serenity, Renewal, Energy, Passion, Creativity, and Happiness! Keep reading to learn all about Moodlites! Light your world!
I can see why Moodlites are called a ‘Must Have’ by New York Magazine, these fabulous bulbs are THE unique gift of wellness for birthdays, weddings, baby showers, holidays and more. A great gift for the someone that has everything and for those that on your list that you just dont know what to get. Great stocking stuffers, company gifts, secret santa, and more! I love the burst of color that these put out and am excited that we can naturally and easily change our moods.
I have mine in my office at work - Serenity to be specific. It is perfect for those stressful days and really helps set the tone in my office. Keeps me calm when I am otherwise feeling stressed out. I cant wait to try other colors in other areas of my life. What color is calling your name? Help yourself feel better, calm down, spice up your mood, and be happy- all thanks to Moodlites! Available in flourescent, incandescent, porch lites, and more - Moodlites has the mood, color, and size for all your needs and gift giving this season. Set your mood, change your mood, enhance your life!

Our Sense of Sight: The eye is the organ of our the sense of sight, and the eye’s nerve receptors take in information when it is stimulated and send it up to the brain. So, for instance, when a color changes in the room, the receptors are stimulated, send the message to the brain, the brain interprets that information, and tells you about what you are seeing. We tend to associate colors with feelings based on our experiences in nature, so it makes sense that when we look at colors the information we take in is not just the color, but the brain automatically interprets it into feeling.

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