Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Spray Thin to Stay Thin!

SPRAY THIN is a specially designed and produced scent that stimulates the brain during eating and helps you stop eating sooner. This appetite suppressant is designed to be sprayed on food during meals. Clinical studies have been conducted that show significant weight lost results when used in a six month program. Just in time for the holidays- Spray Thin to Stay Thin! Start now to beat the holiday weight gain or give the gift of Spray Thin to your loved ones, and go ahead & get a set for yourself. 

Spray Thin does not affect weight loss by changing the taste of food. The scent is believed to activate nasal sense receptors that trigger patterns of electrical activity in region of the brain that affects appetite. In other words, during each meal or snack, target scents trigger your brain to tell you that you are full faster.  The net result is the scent helps you stop eating earlier, and you end up with less calories, which over time, results in greater weight loss.

he real key to portion control and to losing weight, believe it or not, begins in the nose.  target scents may trigger your brain to tell you that you are full faster. The net result is that you are happy with your meal and you stop eating earlier, ending up with less calories and greater weight loss.

Spray Thin comes in two different flavor sprays, sweet and savory, which are sprayed on meals and snacks.  Spray Thin Savory is parmesan scented for use on savory and salty foods. Single Spray Thin Tubes retail for $29.95 each. A dual pack is available for 49.95.  Each tube is 15ML and one package is about a month’s supply.

A 180-day (6 month) non-randomized controlled clinical study was conducted to observe and record the effectiveness of a weight loss scent program using SPRAY THIN.   The results showed that out of the 92 participants in the final experimental SPRAY THIN group, all 92 subjects (100%) showed some weight loss while 87 (94.56%) showed a minimum of one full point decrease in BMI.  More specifically, the overweight individuals in the experimental SPRAY THIN group lost an average of 33.61 pounds in six months while the control group gained an average of 1.1 lbs. over the identical time period.  Additionally, comparing the weight of the experimental group before using SPRAY THIN and after using the product showed similar highly significant results (pre-test average body weight of 199 lbs. vs. the post-test weight average of 165 lbs.).

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