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Step360 Reviews: Fast Interval Training DVD Review

The Step360™ step aerobics platform is unlike any step platform you have ever used! The air chambers absorb impact & create an unstable platform that recruits your core & works your balance. Cut the impact, increase the fun, and rev up your calorie burn with Step360! Keep reading for detailed reviews of all the Step360 workouts on the blog!

Step360 Fast Interval Training:
Jessie Pavelka, 2011

This dvd contains six 10-20 minute workouts. You will need your Step360 & the included band for these workouts. Jesse instructs in a gym set with 3 backgrounders showing modifications. The dvd is not programmable. Each workout contains a short warmup, cooldown & stretch.

Cardio Accelerator: (22min) You perform one exercise two times and then combine them together. Exercises include: knee ups, shuffle up & around, sitting on the 360 -kicking your legs out & shuffling back, jacks, round house kick on the 360, lunges to the 360 and hooks, burpee climbers off the 360. Each exercise starts low & progresses in intensity.

Turn Up the Burn: (22 min) This workout features 60 seconds of work followed by 30 seconds of jumprope recovery. You will perform one exercise once per side & then combo them. Exercises include: step kicks & jacks, step ups or double jumps up & down, step leap touching the 360 & skater touch downs, chugging around the 360 and plyo jumps.

Love Your Belly, Butt & Thighs: (22 min) This workout features body weight strength work and 60 second cardio intervals. Exercises include: balance squat taps, balance stick & diagonal reach, side step or leap ups, tuck jumps & 360 touch jumps, V sits seated on the 360, plank knee pulls & plank jacks, V sit knee pulls, low back extensions on the 360, dips & curtsy dips off the 360, and bridge & single leg bridge off the 360.

Body Sculpt Blaster: (11 min) This workout features 60 second tubing strength quickies with no recovery time! Exercises include: seated bench press, band squats on the 360 adding a knee raise, over head press -lunge- glute raise combo, pushups off the 360, seated cord punches and kneeling triceps work.

Speed Slimming Sculpt: (11 min) This workout features 60 second tubing strength quickies. Exercises include: dips off the 360 & upright rows, deadlifts on the 360, balancing stick & row, bi curls, and hamstring curls with the band around the 360.

Tone up in 10: (11 min) This workout features 60 second tubing strength quickies followed by 30 second cardio quickies with no wasted time. Exercises include: overhead press & crunches, deadlift & row, step downs, seated elbow to knee twists, balance squat & rows, cardio lunges off the step, elevator planks, soccer drill to the 360, and triceps dips adding a kick.

I rate these intermediate workouts. The exercises start lower intensity & progress so you can easily adapt to your fitness level by keeping it low or starting the exercises high. You can also adjust the intensity by using a lighter or heavier weight band. Jesse is motivating and provides encouragement, form pointers & cuing. All the workouts feature cardio quickies to get the heartrate up. I love the lack of impact using the Step360 and have already incorporated it into other workouts. The workouts are fun & the Step360 adds a lot of balance and core work into your routine. Choose one workout or do them all! Love that the workouts are on one convenient disc. I received this dvd to review.

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