Wednesday, July 16, 2014

REVIEW: TLT Better Burn Better Buns Featuring Tracie Long

Tracie Long Training Better Burn Better Buns
Tracie Long, 2006

Tracie leads this 55 min lower body focused cardio routine in a brick set with an awesome view of the ocean through the windows. You will gliding discs, a med ball, and an optional dowel for this workout. There are 2 background exercisers all performing a different level of intensity. The DVD includes a premix.

After a warm up, exercises include plank walks, lying low back work, ball squats & squat hops with core rotation, standing leg work using the discs, standing balance leg work, ball to elbow knee pulls, lunge & dips series using the ball, squat clean and press with the ball, fast feet agility drill, pendulum, ball skater and stir the pot, side step & shuffle, pushups, disc dip set, a floor core series using the ball, bridge hamstring pulls using the discs, side plank work, and a yoga-esque stretch.

I rate this an intermediate routine following Tracie, you can adjust your intensity by following a mod or using a heavier/ lighter med ball. I used an 8 # med ball and got a great sweaty workout. The TLT set focuses on purposeful movements so the more you focus on each exercise the better results you will get. This is a great unique workout that is fun & will work your buns in a new way and I love the included balance work. I did not receive this dvd to review.

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