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Linda Wooldridge Interval Barre Fusion Lower Body DVD Review

Below is another fab Linda Wooldridge's Barlates workout review.   Linda's Australian based Workout DVD World offers Linda's DVDs, downloads, and a huge selection of other fitness DVDs for purchase from their webstore. US based customers can purchase Linda's DVDs from Total Fitness DVDs. Linda offers workouts on DVD and digital downloads. Stay tuned on the blog for more detailed reviews of other fab workouts from Linda and read

Linda Wooldridge, 2015

This DVD contains three 25 minute lower body routine and a warmup & cooldown segment. You can choose a segment from the main menu. You will need a mat and a barre or chair for this DVD. Linda works out barefoot in a studio alone. 

Cardio Interval Tone 50: This routine is 50 seconds of unweighted lower body work followed by 10 seconds of rest for 25 rounds. Because of the large lower body muscles you do get some cardio affect. Exercises include closed stance plie, switch hop, low plie pulse, curtsy kick, curtsy pulses, side lunge floor touch & abduct, standing abduction, hinged lunges, dip & kick, lunge pulses, & attitude raises.

Barre Intervals 40: In this routine you perform 36 exercises for 40 seconds with NO rest in between each move. Exercises include toe squat pulses, glute pulses on toes, toe hip shifts, grand plie, plie pulses, toe plies, closes stance plie, standing clam, hip circle series, glute raises, and standing leg circle series. 

Micro and Iso Upper: In this routine you go through 21 rounds of 40 seconds of work followed by a 20 second isometric hold with no rest breaks. Exercises include side knee plank series including leg raise variations, and a prone lying leg raise series.

I rate these intermediate routines that accomplish a lot in only 25 minutes. You can mix & match for a longer workout or add the warm up to one routine for a 30 min upper body blast. Linda provides enough reps to keep your muscles burning but not so many that you feel like youre being "repped to death." These routines include deliberate movements that really target your muscles. Linda provides excellent cuing & form pointers along with motivation along the way. I received this DVD to review.

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