Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Element Cardio & Conditioning Yoga DVD Review

Element: Cardio Conditioning Yoga
Alanna Zabel, 2015

This DVD contains 2 yoga programs and a bonus meditation segment. You will not need any equipment for these routines. Alanna works out alone in a beautiful green garden area in front of the Pacific Ocean.

Cardio Program: (35 min) This is an active little flowing routine that includes: breath work and warm up stretches, vinyassa flows, plank to step-ins, knee tricep pushups, chair squat series, warrior 3 to crescent series, 3 legged dog, warrior 1 & 2, reverse warrior, 1/2 moon leg drops, plies, extended side angle pose, standing frog, twisting triangle, crunch variations, and concludes with 4 min of corpse pose.

Conditioning Program: (32 min) You begin this routine with breath work and move into cat cow, kneeling core work, camel, down dog, plank, chataranga, warrior 2, standing frog, side plank, bird dog, table top leg series, tri dips, seated forward fold, oblique work, full bridge, and 3 min of corpse pose.

I rate these intermediate routines. Alanna offers modification options for some poses. The routines are unique from one another, with 2 different focuses. Alanna is a knowledgeable instructor and a good lead. I received this DVD to review.

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