Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Viki's Granola: Gluten Free, healthy, & Delicious Granola

Looking for a healthy, gluten-free granola that also tastes delicious? Look no further than Viki’s Granola. It is super clean, nutritious & definitely delicious granola that is actually made with clean ingredients, minimal added sugar, and baked with love! I love granola on my yogurt, or as a cereal but finding a clean brand that is not loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients so I was very excited when I found Viki's. 

Viki's brand was born by popular demand, when owner and founder Viki Sater, baked up some of her golden treat for an event at her daughter’s school.  The students couldn’t get enough of the tasty creation, and before long, the school Principal was calling Viki directly for a personal granola request! Today, Viki is a mom on a mission, and what was born in the kitchen just 4 years ago is now officially the fastest growing granola brand in the U.S. Seriously, give Viki's a try and see for yourself what sets Viki’s apart. Unlike other granolas on the market that have harder textures and clusters, Viki’s granola tastes fresh and is softer than other granolas with a yummy chewy texture. Not to mention that I can actually pronounce the ingredients on the label and it contains no artificial aftertaste. The yummy Viki's varieties are below: 
  1. 12 oz blueberry almond
  2. 12 oz maple cranberry
  3. 12 oz original
  4. Snack size maple cranberry
  5. Snack size blueberry almond
  6. Snack size original
I love that they are available in snack size servings which are perfect for your gym bag, desk drawer, or your little ones lunch box. And of course the larger individual bags are perfect for the house. Viki’s really does have a delicious taste, yummy chewy texture, and excellent nutrition info. Here are a few of the reasons I LOVE Viki's:
  • Sodium free
  • No added sugar
  • No preservatives
  • Gluten free & dairy free
  • “Snack Size Packs” – convenient, single serve packets of granola for the on-the-go health nut
For More Information, Visit: 
Viki's Granola on the web
Viki's Granola on Facebook

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