Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Fitness in the District

We have a free local fitness event every Tuesday in the winter months here that I have recently been able to attend. It looks like its a Beachbody event as it is a mix of P90X, EDM Body Fitness, Turbo Kick, Insanity, Country Heat & Zumba. Its a 90 minute, free, outdoor workout. A friend of mine has gone for a few years but I had never been able to attend. Well my work schedule has changed and I am able to get there on time. So a friend & me have carpooled there the past few weeks. Here is a pic I found online and one of my friends is right there in the front row!

The turnout is always great - tons of people there getting their sweat on. It is awesome to see all ages, fitness levels, and both men & women out there sweating it! Here is a shot of my friend & I, we did not get there early enough so we were in the very back. Hoping to get there earlier this week.

Hope to catch the rest of the season and get there for my bonus Tuesday double up workout. Each week they have a theme like crazy socks, black out (wear black), western, hip hop party, etc. You dont have to dress theme but it adds to the fun.

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