Friday, March 31, 2017

Zim's Naturally Based Products: Max Freeze For Muscles & Joints!

As you are all aware I am a HUGE fan of natural products, so when I heard about Zim's Naturally Based Products - I knew I must try them. After a tough workout, my muscles LOVE Zim's and Im sure yours will too. Zim's started over  over 60 years ago with their original crack cream and now Zim's offers 25 products ranging from lotions and cremes to pain relief gels and diabetic care items. The Zim's Max-Freeze® brand provides an affordable topical pain relief gel that emphasizes the use of natural ingredients such as Ilex Flower and Aloe Vera. Natural is the way to go- do you really want to rub chemicals on your body & let them soak in? I know I dont. I love the smell of natural products too- no strong harsh chemicals that burn the eyes, just natural menthol or herby scents! Keep reading to learn more about Zim's!

Zim's Max-Freeze:
Zim's Max-Freeze contains menthol and aloe vera- natural and effective ingredients! I really like they gel (also available in roll on, spray, and a specialized version for your feet!) because I can apply as liberally as I want. I have been using this on my knee after working out as the swelling starts to kick in about then (still recovering from the surgery). Ive also enjoyed using it on my back & neck - which are always stiff these days. 

Benefits I LOVE:
  • Sore Muscles & Muscle Sprains
  • Back, Shoulder, Neck Pain
  • Painful Ankle, Knee, Hip & Elbow Joints
  • Muscular Strains
I really like that Max-Freeze contains organic ilex, arnica, tea tree oil and vitamin E in addition to the menthol & aloe. The scent is not offensive and it vanishes quickly. It contains NO parabens, sulfates, DEA, mineral oit, synthetic fragrances, or petrolatum. You can feel good about using this and of course your muscles and joints will thank you!

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