Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Year in Review: 2016 Wrap Up (SUPER LATE!)

General 2016:

Here is my super late year in review post. You can reference last Years post (here). 2016 brought me a much better fitness year! My lower back injury -just very recently is feeling, dare I say, 100%! That is the good news. The bad news is another old injury is flaring up - but its not near as impeding as the lower back injury. I just had an MRI done so we will see what that brings....I injured my trap muscle on the right side many years ago with kettlebells. I wont do them again. Anyways though I am (very recently) back to my regular workouts and even back to my heaviest dumbbells so that is great news! I was planning on running a 1/2 marathon this year, but my knees are just getting too bad. I did a 12k in December and my knees and ankle were just killing me after so I am sticking to only 5ks and not too many of them next season.


I have even lost 15+ lbs using the IdealFit meal plans! My results pic above :) My sister had introduced me to their meal plans last summer and I have basically been doing them since then with great success. More details about IdealFit are in this post. I originally used the free 15 day plan, loved it, purchased the 6 week plan, loved it and just recently purchased their sculpt plan. So I now have the 15 day meal plans, 6 week meal plans, sculpt meal plans, and some meal plans created by members on their 6 week challenge FB page. You can only get access to those FB pages if you purchase those plans, though you can get into the 15 Day Challenge without any purchases.

I am not 100% strict with the plans, and not doing their workouts (Im doing my own workouts). Sometimes I sneak a cocktail in the evenings. And I OFTEN have a cheat weekend, instead of cheat meal- we travel a lot but I am still maintaining my loss. This is a huge win for me. I am at about my maintenance weight anyways and I like the freedom of free weekends and not gaining is great for me!

All of the plans come with workouts in one form or another -printable, or YouTube workouts. They are JUST now on DVD so I bought them but I havent done them yet. I am partial to DVDs so I am excited to check these out. The DVDs now come with the 6 Week Challenge bundle with protein powder and meal plans. Since I already have the 6 week I called and was able to order the DVDs for only $15.

I basically just bought the sculpt plan for the meal plans and probably wont ever do the workouts. If you are into heavier lifting or gym workouts - the Sculpt program is for you. I just prefer home workouts DVDs so I dont see myself using those workouts but you can get all the info in the challenges section of their website. 

Here is my affiliate link that save you 10% on your order (over $20) and I believe I also save 10% on my next order- win win! Just click on the challenges link on the top toolbar and you can see all that are available- many are free! I highly suggest checking out the free 15 Day Challenge and then if you love it as much as I did- go for the 6 Week Challenge for the added meal plans and DVDs. Stay tuned on the blog & I will review the workouts as soon as I get to them 

Workout/ DVD Wrap Up 2016: 

There were a ton of workouts that I liked in 2016. I think my favorite was the Rippedism series. These are solid workouts, great for men & women, lots of variety, effective and they arent super long dread filled workouts. They are streaming and as stated above, I am old school and prefer DVDs. But super convenient for those that prefer streaming. They are also a great price and require very little equipment. 

I got a few Cathe sets this year as well-Cathe ICE  and Cathe Strong & Sweaty. Really enjoy them but I dont find myself reaching for them nonstop like I do with some of my all time beloved sets. I am eyeing her Cathe live if I can get DH to hook it to my TV. I just hate using an iPad mini for workouts when I have a 42" flat screen hanging on the wall. 

My most used DVD of 2016 was 10 Minute Solution Tighten & Tone Pilates- well actually ONLY the stretch segment. I used it basically every day this year. I credit this section for fixing my lower back issues. It uses a stretchy band & is the BEST stretch segment that I own. It really focuses on the hips and hamstrings which in turn release the lower back. I would buy this DVD just for that section. Im sure the other sections are fine too but Im not hugely into pilates. 

All Time Fitness Favorites:

My absolute favorite workouts are still Barry's Bootcamp Fat Blaster set (the link will actually take you to all my BBC reviews, not just the Fat Blaster set)- I use this set all the time! I actually wore out one of my DVDs & my band and replaced them. I also LOVE The FIRM BSS3 & BSS4 sets (again this link will take you to all my FIRM reviews) Anything using the incline box I LOVE! In fact, I did incline box work all this week!

Best 2016 Products: 

Natural Deodorant: I love both Go Healthy Next Organic Tallow Deodorant and Green Goo by Sierra Sage Deodorant. Both are natural and contain no aluminum and both WORK! The Tallow is in a tub so I actually transferred it to a stick for ease of use. 

Food:  LOVE LOVE LOVE NuNaturals Stevia Cocoa Syrup. I make a protein powder melting cake with it that is AMAZING! Recipe in the link provided. Stay tuned on the blog for another NuNaturals giveaway coming soon! Butcher Box Organic meats delivered right to your door. Amazingly delicious, and super convenient! I also love Crispy Green freeze dried fruit. Super convenient to take on the go or great for when you dont buy enough fruit and can just keep these handy in the pantry. 

Beauty: Camilla Rose Naturals Coconut Water Hydrating and Styling products. LOVE both the products that I got to review. Highly recommend this line for all the curly girls out there. 

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