Wednesday, July 19, 2017

REVIEW: Boho Beautiful in 10 Days Day One: Gratitude

Boho Beautiful in 10 Days is a 10 day program that includes 40 videos totaling 10 hours. Each day of the program, your one hour workout focuses on a specific theme which it’s class itinerary was built upon. Of course, you can mix & match from the videos to create your own routines as well. The program includes yoga, fitness, cardio, pilates, meditation, and a vegan food guide complete with a shopping list. The best part though is that all the workouts are performed on a gorgeous Exuma, Bahamas beach with breathtaking views in the background! The video content is aimed at creating more positivity, love, health, and wellness in the world. Stay tuned on the blog for detailed reviews of the Boho Beautiful workouts.

Day 1 Gratitude

Today includes an intro video that prepares you for your workouts, tells you about today's goals, theme, and today's Mantra. The workouts for the day include a 20 minute fitness routine, a 20 minute yoga routine, and a 15 minute meditation routine. You won't need any equipment for these routines. Juliana works out alone in all of these routines & all are shot on location in the beautiful Exuma, Bahamas and there is even a gorgeous rainbow in the sky for the fitness routine.

Day 1 Fitness: Exercises include standing breathing, walk out to plank & back up to calf raises, plank step ins, plank knee pull variations, chair squats, chair hold & arm circles, rolling like a ball, V hold, boat to canoe, corkscrew, supine leg scissors, Charlie's Angels oblique work, bridge & 1 leg bridge work, bird dog pulses, belly dance, super (wo)man, 1 knee tri pushups, prone heel beats, prone lat pulls, down dog, and forward fold.

Day 1 Yoga: Today's routine is a strengthening & lengthening. Poses include childs pose adding a side stretch, cat cow, puppy, thread the needle, standing & seated forward fold, standing split, warrior 1, tree, standing pigeon, hip flexor stretches, butterfly stretch, happy baby, corpse & concludes with seated breath work. She intersperses a down to up dog with  chaturanga throughout the routine. The pace is quicker and she includes a lot of great stretches. I really enjoyed the pace of this routine.

Day 1 Meditation: This routine is done in voiceover showing Juliana seated in front of the ocean/ sea. Focusing on today's theme of gratitude, she encourages you to be grateful for the body you have, to love yourself, focus on the now and self-nourishment. The mantra for the day is Im grateful for my body, my mind, my life.

The yoga & meditation routines are appropriate for most all fitness levels, and the fitness routine is a solid intermediate workout. Juliana provides modifications for many exercises. Though Juliana's style is more gentle than some other fitness genres, she really accomplishes a lot in these routines. The day's routines are all very balanced for mind & body strengthening and she really exudes positivity and a true passion for her work. The workouts follow the days theme & effectively work your mind & body. Juliana provides excellent instruction & form pointers throughout. I received access to these workouts to review.

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  1. I enjoyed Juliana's YouTube vids that I've done. I do a lot of yoga, some meditation, but more dance and strength exercises for my bones and muscles. It gets harder to keep up both as you get older, so I devote some of my daily exercise routine to those important areas.

  2. I dont do enough yoga, meditation, or balance work so these have been GREAT for me!!! Its hard to fit it all in!!!

  3. The download files are HUGE. Times that by 10 lots of separate yoga, fitness and meditation videos and it's becoming a storage hassle!! :(

  4. I have mine stored on my laptop and am ok with storage. I am considering burning them to a disc so I can use my DVD player though but I dont have any storage issues. Maybe you can burn to a disc to free up space?

  5. another thought-you could delete the intros if you wont be using those again :)