Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Weruva Presents: BFF OMG! (Best Feline Friend Oh My Gravy!) Low Fat, High Quality Cuisine For Your BFF!

Did you know that International Cat Day was on August 8? If you didnt, its ok - you can still celebrate! I won't tell your BFF (Best Feline Friend) you forgot! Who better to help you celebrate than Weruva -the producer of "people food for pets!" Your BFF is'purr'sonally invited to try some of the most gravy-licious food on the planet! In honor of the special day, Weruva is launching gluten, grain, and carrageenan-free cat food. It's called BFF OMG! (Best Feline Friend, Oh My Gravy!), and it's all about keeping cats healthy with quality foods and avoiding the Big 3 Cat Concerns: picky eating, cat obesity, and bladder infections. Keep reading to learn more! Check out my BFF Penny opening her BFF OMG package below-what a lucky girl!

Penny LOVED her BFF OMG! I love that you can see the real ingredients in it. She literally devoured the entire pouch in one sitting then sat looking around for more when she licked the bowl clean. I love that the pouches are single serving so I dont have to worry about sealing and storing. I also love that the cans come in the smaller size cans. I dont give Penny the whole can at one time but have a standard lid from my local pet store to store the remainder in the fridge for a few days. Penny is overweight so I am so happy that BFF OMG is conscience of the issue of cat obesity when they craft their low-fat BFF OMG cuisines.

BFF OMG! Uses both sea & land based meats as the primary protein source in their cuisines. Their quality ingredients result in a high palatabiltiy for your BFF & their line includes plenty of yummy & unique recipes. All the BFF OMG cuisines are recipes are in gravy and aid in proper hydration for your feline buddy. Their seafood is wild caught & dolphin safe

BFF OMG is available on line and you can also find it in your local stores. You can find a store near you here. Check out my BFF Penny enjoying her BFF OMG! You can see the meaty goodness & gravy in the close up below. Penny enjoyed it and quickly devoured the whole pouch! Please feel free to share on your SOCIAL MEDIA channels using the #weruvagrade hashtag and tag them @weruva (Instagram) or @weruvapets (Twitter). I would love to see your posts and pictures of your BFF's! Dont forget to tag me too so I can enjoy seeing your furry buddy!

BEST FRIEND FOODS ~ These are just THAT:  The best you can get for your furry little feline purr machine! With a high quality protein focus and limited carbohydrates, your kitty will enjoy BFF's Grain Free recipes. Now available in Oh My Gravy! (OMG!) featuring all-gravy recipes focusing on hydration and high quality protein from land based proteins. BFF is produced in a facility that also produces food for people. The factory operates at international human food processing standards, including that of the super-strict British Retail Consortium (BRC), and the pet food processing must pass BRC scrutiny.

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