Friday, May 4, 2018

Carlson Labs Ginger ALL: Eases Motion Sickness, Aids in Digestion, & Great for Joint Health

Super pleased to tell you about my latest find from Carlson Labs: Ginger ALL™ – with Superior Absorption. Ginger All is great for motion sickness, aids in digestion, and is great for joint health. They offer a complete line of healthy supplements, and fish oils. With Carlson labs, getting healthy doesnt have to be hard. Carlson makes it easy for you to find a supplement that is right for you. Carlson is a #1 Rated Health Food Store Supplement Brand and #1 Rated Fish Oil Brand. Keep reading to learn more about their new Ginger ALL. 

We all know that ginger has been widely used since ancient times for its digestive effects, and we still use it today to help maintain healthy gut flora, aid in digestion, and soothe the digestive tract.* But did you know that ginger also holds many other health benefits. Scientific studies show that ginger can help promote cardiovascular, metabolic, and joint health and provides relief from occasional motion sickness.* Carlson Ginger ALL™, produced with Gingever™, is a concentrated, high-potency extract that provides a clinically relevant dose of ginger in one small soft gel.

Ginger ALL™ uses supercritical CO2 extraction technology to concentrate the active compounds from ginger without the use of harsh solvents and little environmental impact. The low temperature of the process helps ensure the compounds in ginger are extracted without damaging or denaturing the product, resulting in an extremely rich source of ginger’s polyphenols in a composition that’s closest to that found naturally.

The active compounds in ginger are gingerols, shogaols, zingerone, and volatile oils. Ginger ALL™ high-potency ginger contains 30% bioactives and a minimum of 25% gingerols in a single, concentrated soft gel. Just one Carlson Ginger ALL™ 80 mg soft gel provides a similar dose as two capsules of ginger root powder. Ginger ALL™ is non-GMO and allergen-free.

Benefits I LOVE:

  • ​Promotes healthy digestion
  • Provides relief from occasional motion sickness
  • Supports heart, metabolic, and joint health
  • Formulated with Gingever, a concentrated, high potency ginger extract
  • A single soft gel provides a similar dose as two capsules of ginger root powder
  • Potency and quality guaranteed

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